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Interessant fra Sean Foley om hvordan man får en draw.

Here’s the first revelation: The starting direction of your shots is overwhelmingly determined by the position of the clubface at impact–not by the swing path. Path plays a part, yes, as do other factors, such as the amount of spin on the ball and the quality of your lie. Just remember that the clubface is the biggest factor. Knowing this, you can assume that the face has to be open (pointing right of your target) for you to start the ball to the right–the first part of hitting a draw.

Here’s the second revelation: What makes the shot curve toward the target is the path the club takes through the ball. The path has to go more to the right than the face is pointing. How much more depends on the club you’re using. For simplicity’s sake, if you’re swinging a 6-iron, think of it as a 2-to-1 relationship. That means if the face is pointing 2 degrees right of your target at impact, the path has to be on a 4-degree angle right of the target line (above). If the ratio were 1-to-1, the ball wouldn’t curve. If it were 4-to-1, the ball would draw too much.

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